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With a staff of professionally trained instructors, you can be certain you are learning from the very best. Each of our instructors have undergone rigorous training to not only be highly proficient martial artist but have been fully educated in the what, how, why of being effective educators. You can be certain that the training you are receiving is not only the most accurate and correct information but that it is being taught to you with the most effective teaching strategies.

I am Jeff Reese, a black belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu with over twenty five years of experience and have trained with two generations of the Gracie family with the privilege of having three time UFC champion and hall of fame fighter Royce Gracie as a primary mentor and the honor of being promoted to black belt by Rob Kahn, Royce Gracie's first black belt.

Over the past two decades, I have created the most conducive learning environment for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by prioritizing a comprehensive and effective training program. The approach focuses on equipping everyone with the necessary skills, techniques, and mindset to protect themselves and others in potentially dangerous situations. The system has produced 10 Brazilian JIu-jitsu black belts and fostered the birth of 6 additional academies across Pennsylvania.

My vision for you is that through regular practice, realistic scenarios, and continuous feedback from our top-tier coaching staff that you will develop the confidence and preparedness to face any threat or life challenge with the utmost proficiency and composure.

Meet Your Team

James Rodriguez

BJJ Black Belt/ Owner Apex Combat Sports

Brittany Bella

Women's Only BJJ

Greg Perez

Kids and Law Enforcement Only

Kristen Cunard

Women's Only BJJ and Kids

Tyler Calvey

BJJ Black Belt/Owner Bad Company BJJ

Kevin Roginski

BJJ Black

Chris Rock

BJJ Black Belt

Jake Bennett

Adult BJJ

Black Belts

Rick Frey

BJJ Black Belt

Rick Bunt

BJJ Black Belt

Ned Hosey

BJJ Black Belt

Jeff Reese

Founder / Head Instructor

Coaching Staff

Derek Bogdan

Adult BJJ

Matt Leslie

BJJ and Striking

Bill O'Mullen

Adult BJJ

Chuck Maiorana

Adult BJJ and Law Enforcement Only

Chris Smith

BJJ Black Belt