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Jiu-jitsu for Law Enforcement: Important Considerations for Choosing Where To Train


I am consistently bewildered by the number of local martial arts instructors who claim to teach self-defense for law enforcement but in truth have zero concept of not only the ways in which the law applies to self-defense but also

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Sit Up Guard to Ankle Pick – BJJ Guard Stategy

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When an opponent decides to stand in order to attack your butterfly guard this is a great sweep option! ——————————————————————————————————– Gracie NEPA was first established in 2005. Since then, Jeff Reese and his talented assistants have been relentlessly working to

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Russian Butterfly p2 – Guard Startegy


A sneaky guillotine finish is available from the Russian Butterfly sweep! In this video we take the time to breakdown the technique and strategy behind this deceptive, high finish, technique that can easily be added to your existing bjj game!

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Armlock Against A Turtled Opponent


Often times you will find that you have been able to secure one hook but your opponent is shutting down the entry of the second hook. The ‘real answer’ to this dilemma is punch the opponent until they open up,

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Crucifix Entry From Turtle – BJJ Technique


You have forced your partner to resort to turtle, however they have stubbornly ‘shelled’ up and are not allowing an opening to secure the hooks. Here is a fun way to open crack the turtle and achieve the tap! ——————————————————————————————————–

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The Pizza Cutter – Fat GUy BJJ Technique


When it comes to playing top game big guys know where it’s at – cross body! In this lesson, Scranton native and founder of Fat Guy BJJ, Kevin Roginski shares with us a high percentage weapon in his ‘fat guy’

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Countering the Head and Arm Choke (bjj technique)


The head and arm choke can be a nasty endeavor to survive! If, however you equip yourself with these early, middle, and late defenses against this fierce submission you may just live to fight another day! ——————————————————————————————————– Gracie NEPA was

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Double Attack From The Mount- BJJ Technique


Scranton native and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Jeff Reese is joined by bjj brown belt and Gracie NEPA coach, Chris Rock to bring you this double attack strategy from the mounted position. Pairing the simple cross choke with the standard

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High Percentage Takedowns for BJJ _ Russian Tie Series Part 1


When it comes to standing, many BJJ practitioners are at a loss and as such often resort to a guard pull. Well, stop and rejoice! Here is a series of simple and effective takedowns that result in positional dominance. ——————————————————————————————————–

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Fat Guy BJJ Technique: The Triple Cheese Choke


When it comes to playing guard big guys often find themselves frustrated and limited to their attack because of a ‘lack of mobility’. In this lesson, Scranton native, 13 year jiu-jitsu veteran, and founder of Fat Guy BJJ, Kevin Roginski

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