Make Your School Bully Free!

WARNING! Your School May Be Sued Over Bullying!

Unfortunately the above statement is very likely. Your school has a very high probability of being sued by a victim of bullying. It is happening all across the nation and it is only a matter of time before it happens in our community. Bullying is not some airborne virus. It is not something we have to hide from or run away from. In fact the opposite is true. Bullying is very easy to see and it is very easy to prevent both in your school and across your district. All we need to do is properly educate and train our child on how to handle bullies. The solution is now easier than ever.

There are three simple ways that we can end bullying throughout school campuses across our of communities:

1.      Educate The Victims
2.      Educate The Bullies
3.      Educate The Bystanders

This innovative program from Gracie NEPA is FREE for you school campus assembly! This program is a three phase implementation.

Phase One: Our head instructor,anti-bullying expert, Jeff Reese, comes to your school campus and performs a one hour Bully Free school assembly for the students and educators. This exciting and interactive rally get the student based pumped for phase two of the program.

Phase Two: Jeff returns to your school campus later that evening, after school hours, to conduct a two hour seminar for educators and PTA parents. This informative seminar maps out the exact blueprint you need to implement at your school in order to turn your campus into a bully free zone!

Phase Three: 30 days later Jeff returns to the school to meet with the Bully Free task force. At this one hour meeting, Jeff evaluates the progress of the task force, answers questions, and makes the necessary corrections to the program if it has hit any speed bumps.

Let’s join together in the fight against bullying. Widespread awareness of these solutions is the only way we stand a chance of winning this fight!

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