Assistant Coaches – The Staff

Kevin Roginski

kevin1Kevin, a fourth-degree Gracie Jiu-jitsu brown belt, began in 2000 starting under the instruction of Rogerio Taborda and supplemented his training by travelling to New Jersey to learn from Mike Mrkulic. In 2004, Kevin came on board with Gracie NEPA and has trained with Jeff Reese for the past decade. In addition to study under Coach Reese, Kevin has travelled and trained with bjj legends such as Royce, Royler, and Rodrigo Gracie, Saulo Riberio, Marcelo Garcia, Cioa Terra, and many others! In 2013, Kevin was awarded the rank of brown belt by UFC legend, Royce Gracie.

Kevin credits jiu-jitsu with giving him the tools and confidence to overcome many challenges in life. Having recently retired from competition, Kevin now focuses on having fun with the workout provided by jiu-jitsu, helping to develop the “younger generation”, and travelling up and down the coast learning from others in the bjj community.

Chris Rock 

img_1871-2Chris “Rock-Rock” Rock, began training in 2005 and currently holds the rank of 2nd degree brown belt. While an avid competitor during his white and blue belt years, Rock eventually began to focus more and more on the ‘fight-dentity’ of jiu-jitsu and journeyed deeper into the self defense aspect of the art. In order to give back to jiu-jitsu what jiu-jitsu has given him, Rock-Rock has developed a deep understanding of the fight nature of jiu-jitsu and has spent a great deal of time learning and assisting with the instruction of Gracie Jiu-jitsu for Law Enforcement – an area near and dear to him sonce he is a CO at a maximum security penitentiary.  Over the past decade Chris has had the prvelege to learn from icons such as; Royce and Rodrigo Grace, Kurt Osiander, Rob Kahn and Tom DeBlass.

Rick Frey
fullsizerender-1Rick began training in jiu-jitsu in 2009 at the tender age of 39 as a means to losing weight and getting in better shape. He developed quickly a passion for learning which resulted in Rick losing over 50 pounds! Rick now holds the rank of brown belt and as become an insightful and articulate instructor who has inspired via his own success many others to reach for their fitnesss goals.  Over the past decade Chris has had the prvelege to learn from icons such as; Royce and Rodrigo Grace, Kurt Osiander, Rob Kahn and Tom DeBlass.



Charles Maiorana

10462636_564031563706692_21353429945061636_nChuck, a 17 year police veteran, volunteers his time assisting with the Gracie NEPA Law Enforcement Officials Program. Chuck’s passion for Gracie Jiu Jitsu is undeniable. First introduced to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by a co-worker he was immediately hooked. Eager to learn, Chuck became a member of Gracie University, and established his own “Gracie Garage,” where he trained with and instructed friends and co-workers in the Gracie Combatives program.

Looking for more knowledge, Chuck eventually joined a local mixed martial arts gym and began training under black belt instructor, James Simrell and eventually earned the rank of blue belt. Shortly thereafter, James Simrell and Jeff Reese began working closely together in a joint merger. Chuck began training under Coach Reese at this time enjoying both group and private lessons and for the past three years now has grown as both a practitioner and coach.

In addition to his daily training, Chuck has had the opportunity to be on the mats and learn from many legends and future legends of the Gracie family including Royce, Ryron, and Rener. Chuck is currently a purple belt in the art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

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